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Complete Blood Count, RBC Count

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Common Use:
To evaluate the number of circulating red cells in the blood toward diagnosing disease and monitoring therapeutic treatment. Variations in the number of cells is most often seen in anemias, cancer, and hemorrhage.

Whole blood (1 mL) collected in a lavender-top (EDTA) tube.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Automated, computerized, multichannel analyzers)

AgeConventional Units (106 cells/microL)SI Units (1012 cells/L) (Conventional Units × 1)
Cord blood3.61–5.813.61–5.81
0–1 wk4.51–7.014.51–7.01
2–3 wk3.71–6.113.71–6.11
1–2 mo3.11–5.113.11–5.11
3–11 mo3.01–5.013.01–5.01
1–5 yr3.81–5.013.81–5.01
6–8 yr3.91–5.113.91–5.11
9–14 yr3.91–5.613.91–5.61
15 yr–adult
Older adult

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