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Complete Blood Count, Hemoglobin

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Common Use:
To evaluate anemia, polycythemia, hydration status, and monitor therapy such as transfusion.

Whole blood from one full lavender-top (EDTA) tube, Microtainer, or capillary. Whole blood from a green-top (lithium or sodium heparin) tube may also be submitted.

Normal Findings:
(Method: Spectrophotometry)

AgeConventional UnitsSI Units (Conventional Units × 10)
Cord blood13.5–20.7 g/dL135–207 g/L
0–1 wk15.2–23.6 g/dL152–236 g/L
2–3 wk12.7–18.7 g/dL127–187 g/L
1–2 mo9.7–17.3 g/dL97–173 g/L
3–11 mo9.3–13.3 g/dL93–133 g/L
1–5 yr10.4–13.6 g/dL104–136 g/L
6–8 yr10.9–14.5 g/dL109–145 g/L
9–14 yr11.5–15.5 g/dL115–155 g/L
15 yr–adult
 Male13.2–17.3 g/dL132–173 g/L
 Female11.7–15.5 g/dL117–155 g/L
Older adult
 Male12.6–17.4 g/dL126–174 g/L
 Female11.7–16.1 g/dL117–161 g/L

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