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Trade Name(s)

  • Alfen Jr
  • Altarussin
  • Balminil Expectorant Canadian Trade name
  • Benylin Chest Congestion Extra Strength Canadian Trade name
  • Breonesin
  • Bronchophan Expectorant Canadian Trade name
  • Chest Congestion Canadian Trade name
  • Cough Syrup Expectorant Canadian Trade name
  • Diabetic Tussin
  • Expectorant Syrup Canadian Trade name
  • Ganidin NR
  • Guiatuss
  • Hytuss
  • Hytuss-2X
  • Jack & Jill Expectorant Canadian Trade name
  • Mucinex
  • Naldecon Senior EX
  • Organidin NR
  • Robitussin
  • Scot-tussin Expectorant
  • Siltussin SA
  • Siltussin DAS
  • Vicks Chest Congestion Relief Canadian Trade name
  • Vicks Dayquil Mucus Control Canadian Trade name

Ther. Class.

allergy, cold and cough remedies


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