Luteotropic hormone, lactogenic hormone, lactogen, HPRL, PRL.

To assess for lactation disorders and identify the presence of prolactin-secreting tumors to assist in diagnosing disorders such as lactation failure.

Patient Preparation
There are no fluid, activity, or medication restrictions unless by medical direction. Instruct the patient to fast for 12 hr before specimen collection because hyperglycemia can cause a short-term increase in prolactin levels. Specimen collection should occur between 0800 and 1000.

Normal Findings
Method: Chemiluminescent Immunoassay.

AgeConventional UnitsSI Units (Conventional Units × 1)
Males (all ages) and prepubertal females2.1–17.7 ng/mL2.1–17.7 mcg/L
Females age 10 yr–Adult2.8–29.2 ng/mL2.8–29.2 mcg/L
  Pregnant5.3–215.3 ng/mL5.3–215.3 mcg/L
  Postmenopausal2.4–24 ng/mL2.4–24 mcg/L

Critical Findings and Potential Interventions

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