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Grasp Study System

Grasp Introduction

Grasp, Unbound Medicine’s premier flashcard study system, can help you to study consistently and methodically.

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Explore and Study Decks

Nursing Central and Grasp connect a community of users to allow you to search and find decks to study instantly. Choose any of the public decks readily available to you and add them to your collection. Once downloaded, decks can be studied without a Wi-Fi connection making it convenient to master unfamiliar concepts on the go.

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Create a New Study Deck

Create cards and decks manually or by using Unbound Intelligence’s autogenerate feature. Remember terms, concepts, and processes without context clues. Become confident in the classroom and clinical settings, and also with test-taking.

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Create a Card

Save yourself some time by creating flashcards in seconds inside of Grasp Study System. This video will show you how to create a card from within a record in a matter of a few clicks. This method is used best to add cards to an already created deck, making it quick and easy to add in a classroom and clinical setting.

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Notes Introduction

Notes provides users the ability to make custom notes and highlights within the Nursing Central entries. Notes automatically sync between mobile devices and the web.

Create a Note

Learn how to create a Note in Nursing Central.

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Organize Notes

Learn how to organize Notes in Nursing Central.

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Cross Links

Learn how to use Cross Links in Nursing Central.

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Integrated Calculators

Learn how to use integrated Calculators in Nursing Central.

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Learn how to use Glimpse, the in-text lookup tool, in Nursing Central.

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Favorites and Tagging

Learn how to bookmark topics in Nursing Central so you can find them quickly and easily.

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Last updated: April 5, 2022