Medication Error Criminalization: Nurse Educators Discuss Patient Safety Targeting Medication Administration and Just Culture

Webinar released May 12, 2022

About the Webinar

How will recent events of a nurse being criminally charged for a medication error influence nursing education? Join our host Liz Robison, certified nurse and healthcare simulation educator, as she leads a spirited panel discussion on how this development may influence nursing education related to just culture and patient safety within prelicensure nursing curricula. This webinar features a live Q&A section.

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About the Presenters


Elizabeth (Liz) Robison, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSE-A

Dr. Liz Robison is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator-Advanced, with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, as well as a Certified Nurse Educator with the National League for Nursing. She’s currently part of the Board of Directors for the International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) as the Secretary/Treasurer and is a faculty facilitator for the INACSL Simulation Education Program (ISEP). Liz has been an active participant as a nurse educator reviewer for the collaborative project between Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) and Unbound Medicine, OADN Virtual Simulation Reviews. She has been involved with aspects of simulation since 2009, with a focus on incorporating patient safety aspects within simulation clinical experiences. She is a military veteran, having served in the US Air Force Nurse Corps for 22 years and recently retired from a state college after almost 16 years in their program’s prelicensure nursing education degree track.

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Danielle Walker, PhD, RN, CNE

Danielle Walker is an associate professor and coordinator at the Bebout Center for the Helping Professions and Harris College of Nursing and Health Professions at Texas Christian University. She has 13 years teaching in an academic setting, with 10 years of clinical experience in the operating room, PACU, and labor & delivery areas prior to entering academia. She is a Certified Nurse Educator with the National League for Nursing. Danielle has published on just culture in nursing education, with work establishing validity and reliability on adapting the Just Culture Assessment Tool for Nursing Education. Her work, along with other nurse educators has focused on the importance of integrating concepts of just culture in nursing education to prepare graduates to implement just culture in the practice setting. She has also collaborated with nurse educators and clinicians as a member of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Academic Task Force on a multisite study of the effectiveness of a QSEN teaching strategy and published work related to integration of QSEN competencies into a foundational nursing course.

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Maria Sumrall, MSN, RN, MedSurg-BC, OCN, CNEcl

Maria Sumrall has 9 years teaching in an academic setting, with 32 years of clinical experience in a variety of clinical roles in the acute care setting. She currently is a full-time faculty member at Northwest Florida State College and works part-time as a Cancer Committee member and staff nurse at the local 267-bed acute care hospital. She is a Certified Academic Clinical Nurse Educator with the National League for Nursing, as well as holding certifications with the American Nurses Credential Center in Medical-Surgical Nursing and Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation as an Oncology Certified Nurse. She is currently finishing up her studies with Post University, American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Science in their Doctor of Nursing Practice, Educational Leadership degree. Maria is passionate about educating learners, guiding her students to become strong patient advocates, constantly emphasizing patient safety. She primarily teaches in the clinical setting and has done some facilitation in the simulation center for second semester learners.

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Last updated: May 12, 2022