(thōr′aks″, thor′)

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(thōr′ă-sēz″, thor′)
pl. thoracesthoraxes [L. thorax, fr. Gr. thōrax, breastplate]
That part of the body between the base of the neck superiorly and the diaphragm inferiorly.
SYN: SEE: chest
SEE: rib
The surface of the thorax is divided into regions as follows: Anterior surface: supraclavicular, above the clavicles; suprasternal, above the sternum; clavicular, over the clavicles; sternal, over the sternum; mammary, the space between the third and sixth ribs on either side; inframammary, below the mammae and above the lower border of the 12th rib on either side. Posterior surface: scapular, over the scapulae; interscapular, between the scapulae; infrascapular, below the scapulae. On sides: axillary, above the sixth rib.

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