[Victor Babès]
Genus of protozoa of the family Babesiidae that causes babesiosis, a febrile illness that causes symptoms similar to those found in influenza, accompanied by hemolytic anemia. Babesia microti is the principal human pathogen, transmitted to humans by tick bite. Other hosts include cattle, sheep, horses, and dogs.

Babesia bigemina

The causative organism of Texas fever in cattle.

Babesia bovis

The causative organism of hemoglobinuria and jaundice (red-water fever) in cattle. It is a tick-borne protozoan parasite that infects cattle in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and can cause huge losses of livestock.

Babesia divergens

A species that is the primary cause of babesiosis in Europe. Like other forms of babesiosis, it is transmitted to humans by tick bite. Although it primarily infects immunocompromised humans, it can also cause red-water fever in cattle resulting in significant losses of livestock.

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