[″ + tome, incision]
The operation of cutting through a bone.

C-form osteotomy

A C-shaped cut through the ramus of the mandible to allow forward placement of the mandible in correcting a retrognathic condition.

condylar neck osteotomy

Surgery on the condylar neck of the mandible to correct prognathism.

cuneiform osteotomy

The excision of a wedge of bone from the cuneiform.

linear osteotomy

The lengthwise division of a bone.

Macewen's osteotomy

Supracondylar section of the femur for correction of genu valgum.

subtrochanteric osteotomy

Division of the shaft of the femur below the lesser trochanter to correct ankylosis of the hip joint.

transtrochanteric osteotomy

Section of the femur through the lesser trochanter for correction of a deformity about the hip joint.