1. A cushion of soft material, usually cotton or rayon, used to apply pressure, relieve pressure, or support an organ or part.
2. A fleshlike or fatty mass.

abdominal pad

A dressing for absorbing discharges from surgical wounds of the abdomen.

Bichat's fat pad

SEE: Sucking pad.

buccal fat pad

SEE: Sucking pad.

dinner pad

A pad placed on the abdomen before application of a plaster cast.

dorsocervical fat pad

SEE: Buffalo hump.

fat pad

SEE: 1. Sucking pad.
2. A layer of adipose tissue (usually capsulated) that protects structures from direct impact. Fat pads are found in various locations in the body: beneath the patellar tendon; under the calcaneus; or behind the elbow.

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FAT PAD Prolapse of orbital fat pad at the lateral canthus of the eye

kidney pad

An air or water pad fixed on an abdominal belt belt for external protection of the kidney.

knuckle pad

A discrete fibromatous pad appearing over a finger joint. It usually appears between the ages of 15 and 30. The cause is unknown, but trauma is not a significant factor.

laparotomy pad

A gauze pad with radioopaque marker employed to absorb fluids and/ or to pack off mobile viscera intraoperatively; commonly referred to as lap pad.

Malgaigne pad

SEE: Malgaigne pad

Mikulicz pad

SEE: Mikulicz-Radecki, Johann von

perineal pad

A pad covering the perineum; used to cover a wound or to absorb the menstrual flow.

sucking pad

A mass of fat in the cheeks, esp. well developed in an infant, aiding sucking.
SYN: SEE: Bichat's fat pad; SEE: buccal fat pad

surgical pad

1. An absorbent gauze pad such as a postoperative dressing.
2. A soft rubber pad with an apron and inflatable rim for drainage of escaping fluids; used in surgery and obstetrics.