[L. operatio, a working]

1. The act of operating.
2. A surgical procedure.
3. The effect or method of action of any type of therapy.
SEE: surgery

Abbe-Wharton-McIndoe operation

SEE: Abbe-Wharton-McIndoe operation

Alexander-Adams operation

SEE: Alexander-Adams operation

Babcock operation

SEE: Babcock operation

Bassini operation

SEE: Bassini operation

Beer operation

SEE: Beer operation

Billroth I operation

SEE: Gastroduodenostomy.

Billroth II operation

SEE: Gastrojejunostomy.

Emmet operation

SEE: Emmet operation

Halsted operation

SEE: Halsted, William Stewart

Kader operation

SEE: Kader operation

Kondoleon operation

SEE: Kondoleon operation

McIndoe operation

SEE: Abbe-Wharton-McIndoe operation

Morrow operation

SEE: Morrow operation

Porro operation

SEE: Porro operation

Shirodkar operation

SEE: Shirodkar operation

Sigault operation

SEE: Sigault operation

Syme operation

SEE: Syme operation

tagliacotian operation

A plastic operation on the nose in which skin is used from another part of the body.
SYN: SEE: tagliacotian flap

Wardrop operation

SEE: Wardrop operation

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