Stereotactic Biopsy, Breast



To assess suspicious breast tissue for cancer.

Patient Preparation
There are no food, fluid, or activity restrictions unless by medical direction. The patient should be instructed not to wear deodorant, powder, lotion, or perfume under the arms or on the chest/breasts on the day of the procedure.

Regarding the patient’s risk for bleeding, the patient should be instructed to avoid taking natural products and medications with known anticoagulant, antiplatelet, or thrombolytic properties or to reduce dosage, as ordered, prior to the procedure. Number of days to withhold medication is dependent on the type of anticoagulant. Note the last time and dose of medication taken. Protocols may vary among facilities.Normal Findings

  • No abnormal cells or tissue.

Critical Findings and Potential Interventions

  • Identification of malignancy.

Timely notification to the requesting health-care provider (HCP) of any critical findings and related symptoms is a role expectation of the professional nurse. A listing of these findings varies among facilities.

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