To assess ovarian function, assist in fertility work-ups, and monitor placental function during pregnancy related to disorders such as tumor, cysts, and threatened abortion.

Patient Preparation
There are no food, fluid, activity, or medication restrictions unless by medical direction.

Normal Findings
Method: Immunochemiluminometric assay (ICMA).

Hormonal StateConventional UnitsSI Units (Conventional Units × 3.18)
Prepubertal males and femalesLess than or equal to 0.35 ng/mLLess than or equal to 1.1 nmol/L
Adult maleLess than or equal to 0.11 ng/mLLess than or equal to 0.35 nmol/L
Adult female
  Follicular phaseLess than 1 ng/mLLess than 3 nmol/L
  Ovulatory phaseLess than 13 ng/mLLess than 41.3 nmol/L
  Luteal phase2–25 ng/mL6.4–79.5 nmol/L
  Pregnancy, first trimester10–44 ng/mL31.8–140 nmol/L
  Pregnancy, second trimester25–83 ng/mL80–264 nmol/L
  Pregnancy, third trimester65–229 ng/mL206.7–728.2 nmol/L
  Postmenopausal periodLess than 1 ng/mLLess than 3 nmol/L

Critical Findings and Potential Interventions

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