Hepatobiliary Scan


Biliary tract radionuclide scan, cholescintigraphy, hepatobiliary imaging, hepatobiliary scintigraphy, gallbladder scan, HIDA or hepatobiliary iminodiacetic scan.

To visualize and assess the cystic and common bile ducts of the gallbladder toward diagnosing obstructions, stones, inflammation, and tumor.

Patient Preparation
There are no activity restrictions unless by medical direction. Instruct the patient to restrict food and fluids for 4 to 6 hr prior to the procedure. Explain that fasting for more than 24 hr before the procedure or receiving total parenteral nutrition may produce a false-positive result. Instruct the patient, as ordered, to discontinue use of opiate-based or morphine-based drugs 2 to 6 hr before the procedure. Protocols may vary among facilities.

Normal Findings

  • Normal shape, size, and function of the gallbladder with patent cystic and common bile ducts; radionuclide should pass through the biliary system, and a significant amount should be visualized in the gallbladder within 15 to 30 min.

Critical Findings and Potential Interventions

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