Gastric Emptying Scan


Gastric emptying quantitation, gastric emptying scintigraphy.

To visualize and assess the time frame for gastric emptying to assist in the diagnosis of diseases such as gastroenteritis and dumping syndrome.

Patient Preparation
There are no activity or medication restrictions unless by medical direction. Advise the diabetic patient to withhold medication (oral, insulin) while fasting. Advise patients to refrain from smoking the day of the procedure. Instruct the patient to restrict food and fluids for 8 hr before the scan. Inquire about allergic reactions to eggs. Protocols may vary among facilities.

Normal Findings

  • Mean time emptying of liquid phase: 30 min (range, 11–49 min)
  • Mean time emptying of solid phase: 40 min (range, 28–80 min)
  • No delay in gastric emptying rate.

Critical Findings and Potential Interventions

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