Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity in Virtual Simulation

Webinar pre-recorded and released March 2, 2022

About the Webinar

Unbound Medicine presents

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity in Virtual Simulation

A Collaboration Between The Organization of Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) and Unbound Medicine

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This webinar will help participants have the knowledge to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) virtual simulation experiences into the nursing curriculum. This session will explore how integration of DEI concepts apply to traditional and concept-based curriculum as well as how it supports accreditation standards. A specific product will be showcased on how this free virtual simulation product supports DEI initiatives and what criterion of the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best PracticeTM: Simulation Design are supported using this product. Other resources will also be identified from virtual simulation products reviewed by the OADN Simulation Task Force.

About the Presenters

Elizabeth S. Robison, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSE-A

Liz Robison has over 35 years in nursing including supervisory, management, and education experience in a variety of roles in the United States Air Force and higher education. Currently, she is a tenured faculty member within the Department of Nursing primarily working in the ADN program at Northwest Florida State College. Ms. Robison’s educator role with this institution began in August 2006. She is now in her current role as the Simulation Center Coordinator beginning in 2017 when the program established this new position. Within the ADN program of studies, her specific focus involves working with simulated clinical experiences across the curriculum. She holds several certifications including NLN, Certified Nurse Educator and SSH, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator. Ms. Robison’s terminal degree was completed in 2012 with a dissertation focusing on Curriculum and Instructional Technology. She was elected in 2019 to serve on the INACSL Board of Directors as VP of Finance and re-elected to another 2-year term in 2021.

Elizabeth S. Robison, OADN

Theresa Cooney, MSN, RN, SEL-III

Theresa Cooney has thirty-three years of working in the field of nursing in the United States, Tangiers, Morocco, and Rota, Spain with a specialty in pediatrics. Her most recent six years of experience has been in academia with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and Train the Trainer SEL-III through the Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium. Currently employed at Howard Community College in Maryland, she is an assistant professor teaching in a concept-based curriculum with a pediatric focus to include theory, clinical, and simulation. Other areas include concept-based curriculum development, retention and remediation of ADN students, and faculty professional development including exam blueprints with item analysis, diversity, equity, and inclusion within the curriculum, flipped classroom with active learning activities, use of virtual simulation with debriefing, and simulation evaluation. She is a current member of OADN’s Virtual Simulation Review team and contributing author to the "OADN Virtual Simulation Reviews: Team Collaboration to Develop an Online Resources to Assist Nurse Educators" article in Teaching and Learning, July 2021.

Theresa Cooney, OADN

Janeen Berndt, DNP, RN, CNE, CHSE

With over a decade of experience in higher education, Dr. Berndt offers expertise in online nursing education, competency-based learning, and patient simulation. Janeen has been a Certified Nurse Educator since 2006 and has incorporated all forms of simulation across pre- and post-licensure curricula. Among her significant accomplishments is leading undergraduate nursing programs during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing students to continue their education and graduate on time despite limitations in clinical and laboratory access. Dr. Berndt used the experiences from the pandemic to expand the continued use of virtual learning to augment competency-based learning in prelicensure nursing education. Additionally, her work in high-fidelity simulation has improved clinical experiences in nursing programs facing significant clinical site competition. Dr. Berndt holds the CNE, CHSE, and Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist certifications. Currently, she is President of the Psi Upsilon Chapter of Sigma and Chair of the OADN VSR reviewer task force.

Janeen Berndt, OADN

Last updated: April 6, 2022