[L. tuberculum, a little swelling]

1. A small rounded elevation or eminence on a bone.
2. A small nodule, esp. a circumscribed solid elevation of the skin or mucous membrane.
3. The characteristic lesion resulting from infection by tubercle bacilli. It consists typically of three parts: a central giant cell, a midzone of epithelioid cells, and a peripheral zone of nonspecific structure.
SEE: tuberculosis

acoustic tubercle

A tubercle on the lateral edge of the floor of the fourth ventricle.
SYN: SEE: auditory tubercle

adductor tubercle

A tubercle of the medial side of the distal aspect of the femur to which the tendon of the adductor magnus is attached.

articular tubercle

A tubercle, part of the temporal bone, located at the base of the zygomatic arch to which is attached the temporomandibular ligament.

auditory tubercle

SEE: Acoustic tubercle.

conoid tubercle

A tubercle on the inferior surface of the clavicle to which the conoid ligament is attached.

condyloid tubercle

A tubercle on the mandibular condyle for the attachment of the lateral ligament of the temporomandibular joint.

Darwinian tubercle

SEE: Darwinian tubercle

deltoid tubercle

A tubercle on the anterior border of the acromium to which the deltoid muscle attaches.

dental tubercle

A tubercle of variable size on the crown of a tooth representing a thickened area of enamel or an accessory cusp.

fibrous tubercle

A fibrous tubercle that has replaced a previously inflamed area.

genial tubercle

The tubercle on either side of the lower jawbone.

genital tubercle

The embryonic tubercle that becomes the clitoris or the penis.

Gerdy tubercle

SEE: Gerdy, Pierre Nicholas

Ghon tubercle

SEE: Ghon, Anton

lacrimal tubercle

A small tubercle between the lacrimal crest and the frontal process of the maxilla.

Lisfranc tubercle

SEE: Scalene tubercle

mental tubercle

A small tubercle on either side of the midline of the chin.

miliary tubercle

A small tubercle resembling a millet seed, caused by tuberculosis.
SEE: miliary tuberculosis

Müller tubercle

SEE: Müller, Johannes P.

pubic tubercle

A tuburcle at the lateral end of the crest of the pubic bone. The inguinal ligament attaches to it.

scalene tubercle

A tubercle on the first rib for attachment of the scalenus anterior muscle.
SYN: SEE: Lisfranc tubercle

supraglenoid tubercle

A rough surface on the scapula above the glenoid cavity to which is attached the long head of the biceps brachii.

tubercle of the upper lip

The tubercle of the upper part of the vermilion border that represents the distal termination of the philtrum of the upper lip.