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[Fr. carier, to bear]

1. A person who harbors a specific pathogenic organism, has no discernible symptoms or signs of the disease, and is potentially capable of spreading the organism to others.
2. An animal, insect, or substance, e.g., food, water, feces that can transmit infectious organisms.
SYN: SEE: vector
SEE: fomes; SEE: isolation; SEE: microorganism; Standard Precautions Appendix
; SEE: communicable disease for table

3. A molecule that when combined with another substance can pass through a cell membrane, as occurs in facilitated diffusion or some active transport mechanisms.
4. One who carries a recessive gene together with its normal allele; a heterozygote.
5. An instrument or apparatus for transporting something, e.g., in dentistry, an amalgam carrier.

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