Broselow pediatric emergency tape

(brōz′lō″, bros′)

[James Broselow, contemporary U.S. emergency physician]
ABBR: BT A color-coded strip of paper, 58.6 in (146.5 cm) in length, inscribed at length-based intervals with information on the use of fluids, pressors, anticonvulsants, and resuscitation equipment. It is used to provide a quick estimate of the weight of pediatric patients, (because the lean body mass of children is roughly proportional to their height). It provides a rapid means of determining the dosages of medications and the size of the equipment that should be used in pediatric resuscitations, up to children who weigh 36 kg.
Descriptive text is not available for this imageThe correlations between the length of a child and his or her mass were derived from American data and may not apply to children of other nationalities.