pl. fasciae [L. fascia, a band]
A fibrous membrane covering, supporting, and separating tissue. There are two kinds of fascia: deep fasciae for muscles, and superficial fasciae for connecting the skin to the muscles.
fascial (fash′sh(ē-)ăl), adj.

anal fascia

A fascia covering the levator ani muscle from the perineal aspect.

aponeurotic fascia

A tendinous fascia that provides attachment for a muscle.

Camper fascia

SEE: Camper fascia

Colles fascia

SEE: Colles, Abraham

cremasteric fascia

The fascia covering the cremaster muscle.

cribriform fascia

The fascia of the thigh covering the saphenous opening.

crural fascia

The deep fascia of the leg.

deep fascia

A fascia that covers structures deep below the skin and is lined by superficial fascia.

deep cervical fascia

The fascia of the neck covering the muscles, vessels, and nerves.

fascia dentata

dentate fasciaSEE: Dentate gyrus.

endopelvic fascia

The downward continuation of the extraperitoneal fasciae of the abdomen to form the pelvic fasciae, which thickens in areas to contribute to the support of the pelvic viscera.

endothoracic fascia

The superior continuation of the extraperitoneal fasciae that adheres the parietal pleura to the muscular body wall and thoracic diaphragm.
SYN: SEE: extrapleural fascia

extraperitoneal fascia

The fascia and adipose tissue lying between the peritoneum and fascia transversalis.

extrapleural fascia

SEE: Endothoracic fascia

iliac fascia

Transversalis fascia over the anterior surface of the iliopsoas muscle.

infundibuliform fascia

The membranous fascia investing the spermatic cord.

intercolumnar fascia

The fascia derived from the superficial inguinal ring that sheaths the spermatic cord and testis.

fascia lata femoris

The wide fascia encasing the hips and the thigh muscles.

lumbodorsal fascia

SEE: Thoracolumbar fascia.

pectineal fascia

The pubic section of the fascia lata.

pelvic fascia

The fascia within the pelvic cavity. It is important in maintaining normal strength in the pelvic floor and in providing support for the organs of the pelvis.
SEE: pelvic diaphragm

perineal fascia

The fascia investing the muscles of the superficial perineal pouch.

perinephric fascia

SEE: Gerota fascia.

perirenal fascia

SEE: Gerota fascia.

pharyngobasilar fascia

The fascia lying between the mucosal and muscular layers of the pharyngeal wall.
SYN: SEE: pharyngeal aponeurosis

plantar fascia

The fascia investing the muscles of the sole of the foot.
SYN: SEE: plantar aponeurosis

renal fascia

SEE: Gerota fascia.

Scarpa fascia

SEE: Scarpa, Antonio

subcutaneous fascia

SEE: Superficial fascia.

superficial fascia

The areolar connective tissue and adipose tissue below the dermis of the skin.
SYN: SEE: hypodermis; SEE: subcutaneous fascia; SEE: subcutaneous tissue

superficial cervical fascia

The fascia of the neck just beneath (deep to) the skin. It includes cutaneous blood vessels, nerves, lymphatics, lymph nodes, and some fat. In the front it also contains the platysmus muscle.

thenar fascia

A thin membrane covering the short muscles of the thumb.

thoracolumbar fascia

The fascia and aponeuroses of the latissimus dorsi, serratus posterior inferior, internal oblique, and transverse abdominis muscles. They provide support and stability for the lumbar spine in postural and lifting activities. The fascia attaches medially to the spinous processes of the vertebral column and inferiorly to the iliac crest and sacrum.
SYN: SEE: lumbodorsal

fascia transversalis

The extraperitoneal fascia that invests the transversus abdominis and its aponeurosis.