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1. The gravitational force exerted on an object, usually by the earth. The unit of weight is the newton (1 newton equals 0.225 lb). The difference between weight and mass is that the weight of an object varies with the force of gravity, but the mass remains the same. For example, an object weighs less on the moon than on earth because the force of gravity is less on the moon; but the mass of the object is the same in both places.
SEE: mass (3)
Many diseases cause alterations of body weight (BW). BW decreases in Addison's disease, AIDS, cancer, chronic diarrhea, chronic infections, untreated type I diabetes mellitus, anorexia, prolonged lactation, marasmus, obstruction of the pylorus or thoracic duct, starvation, tuberculosis, and peptic ulcer.

Normal weight depends on the frame of the individual. SEE TABLE: 1983 Metropolitan Height and Weight Tables for Men and Women According to Frame, Ages 25 to 59

2. Emphasis. Relative contribution.
1983 Metropolitan Height and Weight Tables for Men and Women According to Frame, Ages 25 to 59
Height (in shoes)*Weight in Pounds (in indoor clothing)†Height (in shoes)*Weight in Pounds (in indoor clothing)†
Ft.In.Small FrameMedium FrameLarge FrameFt.In.Small FrameMedium FrameLarge Frame
5 2128-134131-141138-150410102-111109-121118-131
5 3130-136133-143140-153411103-113111-123120-134
5 4132-138135-145142-1565 0104-115113-126122-137
5 5134-140137-148144-1605 1106-118115-129125-140
5 6136-142139-151146-1645 2108-121118-132128-143
5 7138-145142-154149-1685 3111-124121-135131-147
5 8140-148145-157152-1725 4114-127124-138134-151
5 9142-151148-160155-1765 5117-130127-141137-155
510144-154151-163158-1805 6120-133130-144140-159
511146-157154-166161-1845 7123-136133-147143-163
6 0149-160157-170164-1885 8126-139136-150146-167
6 1152-164160-174168-1925 9129-142139-153149-170
6 2155-168164-178172-197510132-145142-156152-173
6 3158-172167-182176-202511135-148145-159155-176
6 4162-176171-187181-2076 0138-151148-162158-179

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