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A partial or complete set of artificial teeth set in appropriate plastic materials to substitute for the natural dentition and related tissues.
SYN: SEE: dental prosthesis

Video for Oral Hygiene: Denture Care

Proper denture care involves cleansing the dentures after each meal by gently brushing them with warm water and by scrubbing them with only moderate pressure. Cleansing solutions and mixtures accepted by the American Dental Association are ammonia water 28% (2 ml in 30 ml water); trisodium phosphate (0.6 g in 30 ml water); sodium hypochlorite, or bleach (2 ml in 120 ml water). Dentures should be properly fitted in the patient's mouth; when stored outside the mouth, they should be placed in a well-identified, opaque, closed container. Dentures are stored wet or dry according to their particular composition and according to instructions by the dentist. Dentures are removed from comatose or moribund patients as well as from patients undergoing surgery.

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