A small tube or canal.

Bellini tubule

SEE: Bellini, Lorenzo

collecting tubule

One of the small ducts that receive urine from several renal tubules, which join together to provide a passage for the urine to larger straight collecting tubules (papillary ducts of Bellini) that open into the pelvis of the kidney.
SEE: kidney for illus

convoluted tubules of the kidney

The proximal and distal convoluted tubules of the nephron that, with the loop of Henle and collecting tubule, form the renal tubule through which the glomerular filtrate passes before entering the renal pelvis.
SEE: kidney for illus.; SEE: nephron

dentinal tubule

One of the very small canals in the dentin. These extend from the pulp cavity of the tooth to the enamel and are occupied by odontoblastic processes and occasional nerve filaments.

galactophorous tubule

SEE: Lactiferous tubule.

Henle tubule

SEE: Henle loop.

junctional tubule

The short segment of a renal tubule that connects the distal convoluted tubule with the collecting tubule.

lactiferous tubule

One of the lactiferous ducts of the breast. It provides a channel for the milk formed in the lobes of the breast to pass to the nipple.
SYN: SEE: galactophorous tubule

mesonephric tubule

One of the embryonic tubules that in the female gives rise only to vestigial structures but in the male gives rise to the efferent ducts of the testes.

metanephritic tubule

One of the tubes that make up the permanent kidneys of amniotes.

renal tubule

The part of a nephron through which renal filtrate from the renal corpuscle flows and is changed to urine by reabsorption and secretion. The parts, in order, are the proximal convoluted tubule, the loop of Henle, the distal convoluted tubule, and collecting tubule.
SEE: kidney for illus.; SEE: nephron

seminiferous tubule

One of the very small channels of the testes in which spermatozoa develop and through which they leave the testes. These tubules may be either straight or convoluted.

transverse tubule

ABBR: T-tubule An invagination of the cell membrane of a muscle fiber that carries the action potential to the interior of the cell and the innermost sarcomeres.

uriniferous tubule

SEE: renal tubule