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[L. patiens, suffering, enduring, bearing]

1. One who is sick with, or being treated for, an illness or injury.
2. One who is receiving medical care. SEE TABLE: A Patient's Perception of Quality Health Care
A Patient's Perception of Quality Health Care
Quality IndicatorThe Patient's Viewpoint
AccessScheduling a visit with my health care provider was easy and convenient.
AttentivenessMy concerns were heard, and my needs were anticipated and addressed.
Availability of primary careI saw someone who knows me personally.
Availability of specialty careI saw someone who is skilled in managing my specific problems.
CommunicationI was able to contact my health care providers easily. We were able to talk to each other simply and directly. I was told what to expect during my care.
ContinuityFollow-up care was easy to arrange with professionals I already know.
CostMy care was affordable and was worth its cost.
CraftsmanshipI was carefully examined, and my treatment was technically competent.
DignityI was treated with respect.
HygieneThe facilities where I received care were spotless.
OutcomeThings turned out well. (If things did not turn out well, problems were anticipated and explained to me in advance.)
Time managementI was not left waiting for long. My health care providers respected my schedule.

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