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The act of giving birth to a child. In 2014, 3,985,924 babies were born in the U.S.
SYN: SEE: parturition SEE TABLE: Serious Complications of Childbirth; SEE: delivery; SEE: labor
Serious Complications of Childbirth
The MotherThe Child
Maternal deathFetal death
Maternal hemorrhage (with or without transfusion)*Neonatal death
Genital injuries (including injuries to the uterus or its ligaments, vulva, perineum, bladder, bowel, or ureter)*Birth trauma (including fractures, nerve plexus injuries)
Uterine dilation and curettage after delivery*Intracranial bleeding
Peripartum infection*Need for ventilatory assistance
Wound infection*Low Apgar scores
Wound dehiscenceSepsis
Medical complications (including bowel obstruction or ileus, respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, thrombophlebitis, or amniotic fluid embolism)Necrotizing enterocolitis

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