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[L. sulpur, sulphur, sulfur, brimstone, sulphur]
SYMB: S A pale yellow crystalline element, atomic weight (mass) 32.06, atomic number 16, specific gravity 2.07. It burns with a blue flame, producing sulfur dioxide.
CAS # 7704-34-9

Sulfur is part of some amino acids (cystine, cysteine) and is necessary for the synthesis of proteins such as insulin and keratin. The amount of sulfur (as sulfate) excreted in urine varies with the amount of protein in the diet but more or less parallels the amount of nitrogen excreted, as both are derived from protein catabolism. The S:N ratio is approx. 1:14, i.e., for each gram of sulfur excreted, 14 g of nitrogen are excreted. The amount of sulfur excreted daily is about 1 g.

Sulfur deficiency produces dermatitis and imperfect development of hair and nails. A deficiency of cystine or cysteine proteins in the diet inhibits growth and may be fatal. Tissue oxidation of cystine forms inorganic sulfate if the protein intake is sufficient.

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