The joint between the arm and forearm.

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Boston elbow

SEE: Boston arm.

golfer's elbow

SEE: Medial humeral epicondylitis.

little league elbow

A form of overuse syndrome marked by tension being placed on the medial structures of the elbow and, possibly, compression forces being placed on the lateral structures. Long-term consequences include abnormal growth of the medial epicondyle and avulsion of the medial epicondyle. It is seen in adolescent baseball players, esp. in pitchers. In order to help prevent this condition, Little League Baseball regulations limit the number of pitches a player can throw per week.

nursemaid's elbow

Subluxation of the head of the radius with entrapment of the annular ligament in the radiohumeral joint, esp. in a young child after being lifted by the hand or wrist. The condition is acutely painful, and the child will avoid using the affected arm.

The subluxation can be readily reduced with closed manipulation.

SYN: SEE: pulled elbow; SEE: radial head subluxation

pulled elbow

SEE: Nursemaid's elbow

tennis elbow

SEE: tennis elbow