[L. convolvere, to roll together]
A turn, fold, or coil of something.

ascending frontal convolution

SEE: Precentral gyrus.

ascending parietal convolution

SEE: Postcentral gyrus.

Broca convolution

SEE: Broca, Pierre-Paul

callosal convolution

SEE: Cingulate gyrus.

cerebral convolution

Any of the convolutions of the cerebrum.

cuneate convolution

Gyral isthmus.

dentate convolution

A small, notched gyrus, rudimentary in humans, situated in the dentate fissure.

exterior olfactory convolution

Any of the small projections forming the outer boundary of the olfactory grooves.

hippocampal convolution

SEE: Uncinate convolution.

insular convolution

Any of a group of small convolutions forming the island of Reil, entirely concealed by the operculum.

intestinal convolution

A coil of the intestines.

marginal convolution

The fold on the medial surface of the frontal lobe, adjacent to the longitudinal fissure.

occipitotemporal convolution

Either of two small convolutions on the lower surface of the temporal lobe.

olfactory convolution

SEE: Olfactory lobe.

orbital convolution

Any of the small gyri on the orbital surface of the frontal lobe.

parietal convolution

Any of the folds of the parietal lobe. The largest are the postcentral, superior, supramarginal, and angular.

posterior orbital convolution

A small convolution on the posterior and outer side of the orbital sulcus and continuous with the inferior frontal convolution.

precentral convolution

The ascending frontal convolution of the brain.

supramarginal convolution

A cerebral convolution on the lateral surface of the parietal lobe above the posterior part of the sylvian (lateral) fissure.

transverse orbital convolution

The gyrus occupying the posterior portion of the inferior surface of the frontal lobe, at the anterior extremity of the sylvian (lateral) fissure.

uncinate convolution

A gyrus of the temporal lobe of the brain consisting of the recurved rostral portion of the hippocampal gyrus.
SYN: SEE: hippocampal convolution; SEE: uncinate gyrus