lymphangitis, lymphangiitis

lymphangitis, lymphangiitis is a topic covered in the Taber's Medical Dictionary.

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(lim″fan″jīt′ĭs )

(lim″fan″jē-īt′ĭs )

[lymph- + angi- + -itis]
Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels draining an inflamed or infected body part. There are red streaks accompanied by heat, pain, and swelling along the inflamed vessels; lymph nodes in the area are enlarged and tender. Treatment consists of antibiotics specific to the organism causing the infection, most commonly group A beta-hemolytic streptococci (occasionally staphylococci). If the infection is not contained, it can produce septicemia.

The condition is characterized by the onset of chills and high fever, with moderate swelling and pain.

Elevating the affected part of the body so that local lymphatics can drain reduces pain and helps the underlying infection to resolve. Antibiotics and, often, antipyretic and analgesic drugs are administered.

SYN: SEE: angiolymphitis

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