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(var′ĭ-kō-sēl″ )

[varix + -cele]
Enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord, commonly occurring above the left testicle. Varicoceles, present in more than 10% of males, are usually identified during adolescence. Male infertility has been linked to varicoceles, but a definitive causal relation has not been established.
SYN: SEE: varicole

There is a dull ache along the cord and a slight dragging sensation in the groin. On examination, the vessels on the affected side of the scrotum are full, feel like a bundle of worms, and are sometimes purplish.

Most varicoceles are asymptomatic and are followed conservatively. When they cause intolerable symptoms, or when they are found during the evaluation of men with infertility, they may be surgically repaired. However, there is no firm evidence that varicocele repair improves male fertility.

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