An abnormal transient enlargement, esp. one appearing on the surface of the body. Ice applied to the area helps to limit swelling.
SEE: edema

albuminous swelling

SEE: Cloudy swelling.

brain swelling

SEE: Brain edema.

Calabar swelling

A temporary, painless swelling occurring in infestations by the nematode Loa loa, and thought to be due to temporary allergic sensitization, i.e., angioedema.

cloudy swelling

A degeneration of tissues marked by a cloudy appearance, swelling, and the appearance of tiny albuminoid granules in the cells as observed with a microscope.

extensive limb swelling

ABBR: ELS A large, localized tissue reaction in an arm or a leg after the injection of certain vaccines. For example, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis) vaccination causes swelling in injection sites of muscle and subcutaneous tissue in 2% to 6% of children receiving booster doses of the vaccine. The swelling resolves spontaneously in about 4 days without complications.

glassy swelling

A swelling occurring in amyloid degeneration of tissues.
SEE: amyloid degeneration

swelling of jaw

A swelling in the upper jaw (maxilla) or in the lower jaw (mandible). In the lower jaw, the swelling that may be due to an alveolar abscess, cyst, gumma, sarcoma, or actinomycosis. In the upper jaw, the swelling may be due to an alveolar abscess, parotid tumor, parotitis, carcinoma, sarcoma, necrosis of bone, or disease of antrum.

white swelling

A swelling seen in tuberculous arthritis, esp. of the knee.