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[agglutin- + -gen]
An antigen that stimulates the production of an agglutinin. Agglutinogens are used primarily in laboratory testing for antibodies against specific blood types.
SEE: blood group
agglutinogenicagglutogenic (ă-gloot″ĭn-ŏ-jen′ĭk) (ă-gloot″ŏ-jen′ik), adj.

A and B agglutinogens

SEE: blood group; SEE: ABO incompatibility

M and N agglutinogens

Antigenic substances found on the membranes of human red blood cells. Anti-M and anti-N agglutinins are rarely found in normal serum. The red blood cells may contain M or N, or both M and N agglutinogens, resulting in blood types M, N, or MN, respectively.
SEE: blood group

Rh agglutinogen

SEE: Rh factor

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