Apgar score


[Virginia Apgar, U.S. anesthesiologist, 1909-1974]
A system for evaluating an infant's physical condition at birth. The infant's heart rate, respiration, muscle tone, response to stimuli, and color are rated at 1 min, and again at 5 min after birth. Each factor is scored 0, 1, or 2; the maximum total score is 10. Interpretation of scores: 7 to 10, good to excellent; 4 to 6, fair; less than 4, poor condition. A low score at 1 min is a sign of perinatal asphyxia and the need for immediate assisted ventilation. Infants with scores below 7 at 5 min should be assessed immediately to see if they require resuscitation. SEE TABLE: Apgar Score
Apgar Score

Heart rateAbsentSlow (less than 100)Greater than 100
Respiratory effortAbsentSlow, irregularGood; crying
Muscle toneLimpSome flexion of extremitiesActive motion
Reflex irritabilityNo responseGrimaceCry
Color*Blue, paleBody pink; extremities blueCompletely pink